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The Original Source

With original replacement parts from RKI, your gas monitor will operate like new, year after year … just like it did the first time you turned it on.  So when it’s time for routine maintenance, you can depend on RKI to supply you with the finest quality replacement parts in the industry. 

Because RKI is The Original Source.



Sensors that last.

In your monitor … and on the shelf … RKI sensors give you longer operating life.

New Sensors For:

GX-2001, GX-2003,

GX-2009, 01 Series


Backed by 50 years, 600 employees, and 6,000,000 sensors.

RKI is the North American subsidiary of the company that makes the GX-82, the GX-86, and other long-time worker favorites.  RKI sells the original monitors, and the original replacement parts.  Thousands of people at worksites across the United States … and around the world … are being protected every day by the monitors our parent company makes.

Tested to the toughest specs … ours.

Be sure the sensors you put in your monitor have been tested at the source.  It’s your assurance that your monitor will perform when you need it most …which is every time you turn it on.   RKI sensors are built to do just that.  Every single sensor.  Original … or replacement part.  When the time comes to order a new monitor or replacement sensor, we invite you to return to The Original Source for original quality … RKI.


Confined spaces are only one place you’ll find us.

RKI supplies monitors and sensors for confined spaces … and just about any other place you’ll find dangerous gases.  A partial list of the gases we detect follows.  Put our technical expertise to work for you whenever you need a monitor you can trust with your life.